Est. 2006: Eight years of raiding excellence on Emerald Dream.

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Shattered Oath is a World of Warcraft raiding guild on the US-Emerald Dream server. We are proud members of the Horde. Hardcore-casual would be the term to describe our raiding environment: we push ourselves as hard as we can on a light schedule. We expect our players to have a solid understanding of their class and a firm grasp of boss mechanics, but do not require members to level alternate characters or raid beyond our scheduled times.

We raid nine hours a week, 7:30PM to 10:30PM CST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. We use Ventrilo for in-game communication during raids. Our loot system is unique to Shattered Oath, utilizing a combination of in-game rolls and a tracked cooldown status to ensure loot is distributed evenly and fairly. While we are on a roleplaying server, we are not a roleplaying guild - however, we expect our members to abide by the rules and conventions commonly followed on RP realms.


DTB and Oathsworn @ Mandokir

Founded on February 17, 2006 when members of Darktalon Brood and The Oathsworn merged together, Shattered Oath is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Emerald Dream that continues to engage current content. In 2007 and 2008, Shattered Oath partnered with Blackmoon Tribe to form an extremely successful joint-guild raiding team that earned several realm-first kills. Shattered Oath has consistently been among the highest ranked guilds on our server since we began raiding.

Our more notable accomplishments include realm first kills of Heroic Lich King, Zero-Light Yogg Saron, Trial of the Grand Crusader, and Sinestra. Shattered Oath completed two Immortal clears of Naxxramas. We were one first guilds in the world to start the legendary questline for Dragonwrath, making the front-page of MMO-Champion, and we were the first guild on our server to complete it. Shattered Oath completed Fangs of the Father before any other guild on Emerald Dream, was the first Horde guild to complete Val'anyar, and was the only Horde guild on the server to complete Atiesh before it was removed from the game.


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  • GM: Valyrra
  • OFFICER: Zaithon